Why do straight men like to date Thai ladyboys

So why do straight males like to date with Thai ladyboys?
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My penis might be saying “YES” but my brain is shouting “NO”. If you are male then this will be a situation you will have found yourself in sometime in your life. If you have visited Thailand and seen and experienced gay Thai ladyboys at first hand then this maybe more than just a rhetorical question.

Are Thai ladyboys internationally fashionable ? Whenever you date with a gay Thai ladyboy,are you currently gay or straight? The obvious response is to say no you aren't gay and many males who date transsexuals aren't obviously or identify with being gay.

1)  Every guy has their very own appetite both with regards to their sexuality and their emotions. Many straight males aren't as straight as they might like to think they are. In comparison that does not mean that they're gay or bisexual. Simply because the public likes to label individuals with straight, gay or bisexual does not mean everybody easily fits into these individuals groupings. There's no wrong or right answer either as there's no written agreement or government identity card which says what you are officially.

It's all in the end assumption. Everybody lives under a certain number of assumptions. Within the gay transgender singles dating world individual terms often never match up with the truth.

2) Simply to let everybody know, transgender is not in itself related to any male or female sexual orientation but is an identity and category of sexuality in it's own right

3) Many males will look for gay Thai ladyboys for dating and long-term relationships simply because they believe that Thai ladyboys really are more feminine than genetically born women. Which really explains why there's an problem when gay Thai ladyboys come to debate the transgender issue on live television and can come over as a threat for biologically born women as they can be very competitive and aggressive in defending their lifestyle and appearance.

4) Transsexuals who may have been born inside a male body, but have female brain chemistry that actually attracts some types of straight guy. Usually it's not a typical factor for anybody who wins someone's heart using their personality, the personality that's start deep from their inside and is at the core of their personal makeup. The person who falls in love with a gay Thai ladyboy for instance is going to be having  this relationship with this person's soul and personality.

The face, the body, hair is something which are so to speak the icing of the cake of sexual attraction. But whilst outward appearances are very important in the first instance in the journey of sexual attraction  it should be known that no-one ought to be judged solely on their own appearance as you will find many complicated situations between people of widely differing appearances and personalities. As they say in the north of England - there's nowt as queer as folk !

Everybody in a free and open society should have right to date whomever they like with no adverse judgment from the public. Although some males who date transsexuals might be bisexual, individuals males who're gay wouldn't be thinking about dating someone who isn't really a guy, but are dating a  transsexual who brings together everything that's beautiful inside a lady.

Males shouldn't approach transsexuals with the aspiration that they'll also have another penis within their relationship. Trans-sexuality isn't a sexual fetish. That's not saying that being transgender is really an adverse condition or mental illness, it really is really a fact of existence that has not been completely understood by most nations. Thailand in particular and Asia in general has had a long and schizophrenic approach to the transgender ladyboy identity - on one hand having the reality of acceptance to those brave enough to make this choice but trying to discourage this choice in the first instance from family and state.

Individuals males who aren't afraid to state they like transsexual ladyboys and aren't worried about exactly what the public thinks are still brave and courageous in most societies as their choice - particularly when they are out  in public will be one of scrutiny and comment - some of it adverse and confrontational.

These brave individuals who choose to love a gay Thai ladyboy are someone who isn't scared of their sexuality or gender. For them it's all about the opportunity to treat others around them with the fullest respect. The public at large needs to set aside their presumptions and stereotypes, and have an open and liberal mind. Dating a transsexual ladyboy doesn't help make your either gay or bisexual, unless of course you are clearly trying to find someone who has a penis between their legs. The finest sacrifice is created by individuals who're transgendered and also have to struggle with the mental and psychological abuse in public.

So to sum up are straight men who date gay Thai ladyboys actually gay themselves ? Some people think it is 'GAY' in capital letters and are quite adamant within their reactions, and so I guess the follow-up questions would go something similar to this

What is the gay part they are making use of? Remember, many of these men that form associations with ladyboys stated they might NEVER have decided on a relationship  with a man. And many gay guys will have absolutely zero curiosity about the 3rd sex.

This third sex - and we are speaking about Thai ladyboys here, not your average father sliding on mum's evening gown to have a secret  hour with while she is otherwise engaged. Here are some of the feminine points shared by nearly all young Thai ladyboys:

  •         Thai ladyboys have beautiful lengthy smooth hair
  •         Their skin is really as smooth as porcelain
  •         Thai ladyboys spend a fortune at the dentist for pearly white teeth
  •         The average Thai ladyboy's body is often slender and firm
  •         They have  lengthy slinky legs that seem to go on forever
  •         Thai ladyboys, through hormones and their natural Asian lack of hair means they are naturally hairless and don't need to shave   

Now once you've considered all these factors, there isn't a great deal of gay left inside your average Thai ladyboy kathoey. So I would surmise that in the end it depends but what is certain that at least some of the men who date gay Thai ladyboys are in fact straight.