Top 10 Tips for a Great Thai Massage

Ten great  strategies to ensure you have an excellent Thai Massage

asian oriental massage - top tips for a great massage
Whether it's the very first time for you to have a Thai massage or your an old hand then
take a quick look at these ten
asian oriental massage - top 10 tips
great ideas to make certain you get the very best Thai massage possible.

1.    Avoid eating an enormous meal ahead of time otherwise you will feel bloated and sluggish and the pressure of the massage may cause stomach discomfort..

2.   Make sure that the Thai masseuse understand about any health problems you might have , just in case you've got any pre-existing conditions where Thai massage is not recommended.

3.  Similarly tell the Thai masseuse about any bad back , painful knee or any other health problems you may have - especially so if it's the first Thai massage you have had at the establishment so you can ask for the masseur to be gentle with you !  It's your chill out time from a busy and hectic life so try to cultivate a peaceful mind and calm body and manner , Thai massage certainly shouldn't be  an unpleasant process because of the wrong use of massage techniques.

4. If the establishment allows you to choose a Thai masseur yourself, it may be easy to be lured by a  youthful attractive masseuse but bear in mind the older ladies (or males!) tend to be the most experienced in most cases supply the best massages!

5. If in Thailand then tipping may also be recommended, a suitable tip between 20 baht ( 40p ) upwards can create a large difference for your Thai masseuse. It's also particularly useful in the event you anticipate developing a return visit since they're likely to offer you a superior massage for the following time.

6.  Typically Thai massage uses no massage oil, but nowadays you will see that numerous shops offer aromatherapy full oil massages too, catering for individuals who like the soft and relaxing and very soothing aromatherapy oil massage.

 7.  When you're being massaged, you should try to relax whenever you can and synchronize your breathing to become calm, regular and gentle in line with the natural rhythm of the massage.

8.  Always drink a glass water right after your massage is completed (most shops should offer this instantly). The act of massage releases harmful toxins inside you and a drink of water will assist the body to get rid of them quicker.

9. Thai Massage can be suggested for most folk. That said Thai massage is not recommended for individuals who've infectious skin ailments, open wounds, pregnancy, surgery , chemotherapy ,suffering from radiation sickness and in addition Thai  massages should not be undertaken directly over bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumours, abdominal hernia, or parts of recent fractures.

10. Finally just lie back and relish the sense of calm wellness and profound comfort that is an essential part of getting an excellent Traditional Thai Massage -  ideally with the wonderful masseurs at London Thai Massage.

Asian Oriental Massage - tips for a great Thai massage