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Other forms of Asian Massage Therapy- Tui Na

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Tui Na massage is traditional Asian system of medical massage and manipulation and goes back well over 5,000 years which makes it among the earliest hands-on systems of massage therapy on the planet and was recorded over 2,300 years ago in the Yellow Emperor's "Classics of Internal Medicine". It is among the three primary branches of Chinese Medicine along with acupuncture and medicinal herbal treatments.

It's a complete system of healing using the underlying concepts of promoting overall  balance and flow of the bodies natural energy with the system channels known as meridians.The Chinese state provide hospitals of traditional medicinal practises in city, towns and villages right across the country and would like to see it as getting the same status globally as Western medicine. Tui Na massage therapy can be obtained everywhere and something like a fifth of the world's population  in Asia make use of it for the upkeep of their health and to free themselves from chronic discomfort.

There is a bronze statue of acupuncture points from over 2,300 years  ago in China which has 14  meridians and also the exact positions

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well over 300 acupoints along them. These meridians are regarded as the control centres for transportation and distribution of the bodies energy called  Qi.Each meridian is connected to a major organ. Each organ is believed to have a specific impact on  organs such as the spleen and can relieve worry and affects the mouth, the liver is believed to control anger and may effect  your eyes as well as other parts. It is thought that Tui na massage can promote wellness of your body, mind and feelings.

Tui Na massage has numerous different approaches for rubbing along the path of the meridians as well as for using pressure with movement towards the acupoints. By doing this energy obstructions are effectively removed and also the yin/yang balance restored.

Other Problems that Asian Tui Na massage can treat ;

  •     Tui Na massage performs exceptionally well in treating chronic discomfort for musculo-skeletal problems. It can also help with shoulder and neck discomfort, fibrositis within the shoulders, back discomfort and sciatica respond well to Tui Na therapy.
  •     Acute pains because of sports injuries where joint mobility is impaired.
  •     Tui Na massage as a consequence can result in overall vitality and wellness
  •    Acupressure is often used  in conjunction with Tui Na massage
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Acupressure is among the aspects of Tui Na which focuses only around the acu-points. These are able to help control discomfort and keep the body healthy.

Acupressure started in Asia as a result of pressing painful areas on the body to alleviate discomfort and through experience it was discovered which points gave the best results. Acupressure seeks to create exactly the same results as acupuncture by utilizing deep static pressure around the acupoints rather than using needles.

It is  now practised throughout Asia and it is popular in China, Japan, Korea, Tibet Thailand and India. It's been an intrinsic part of Asian folk medicine for thousands of years and is practised by ordinary Asians as a treatment inside the home with the knowledge of the therapy being passed on from one generation to another.

Around 2400 years ago a systematised and intelligent method of pressure points was developed throughout China and also the instinct of touch grew to become an art feted and copied all over Asia. What started in Asia all those years ago has now spread far and wide and plays its part in a wide range of complementray therapies that play an important part of going to make up our overall health and vitality.