More essential Thai massage questions

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Following on from our Essential Thai Massage Questions we've had time to include some more questions that may concern you before you can go ahead and book your Thai massage therapy session.

Should I need do anything special after or before my Thai massage?

No, you don't have to do anything particularly special, but you'll most likely enjoy your Thai massage more should you allow some relaxation time before you go for the massage session.

Swimming is great as pre-massage exercise followed by a sauna or steam in advance, this will help your muscles to be relaxed and able to more be flexible during the massage session. You will benefit more from the massage should you be able to relax first, too.

After your massage wrap yourself up warm and take time to chill out. Make sure that you consume lots of water to help eliminate any toxins that the massage may have released, even if this means you have to visit the loo more frequently.

I love a very firm Thai massage. How do I make certain that I will receive one ?

If you want a strong Thai massage, you do not need just the right massage but need to choose  the right masseur. You will find various sorts of massage available not just Thai massage, and most likely thousands of masseurs. How  do you make sure you pick the right one. Should you book a light, gliding type of massage for example aromatherapy, you risk being disappointed if you prefer the deep-tissue-approach that Asian traditional Thai massage encompasses. In this case you would probably be best booking a Swedish massage, that involves massaging and lengthy strokes on the muscle tissue to reduce anxiety and tension, or perhaps a sports therapy massage which aims to release tired muscles that may have been damaged by energetic activity.

You might choose a male masseur or request a massage therapist with experience of sports therapy massage. Make sure you inform your massage counsellor before beginning the therapy session that you want a strong massage. A great masseur always makes sure they know exactly what you want before they begin - and helps you choose the appropriate massage therapy and what massage pressure suits their client.

I'm online all day and so my neck is permanently stiff. Will a Thai massage help?

Aren't we all - the biggest factor that brings clients to want a Thai massage is being on the computer in a poor posture for too long. There is nothing that can compare with laptop-shoulders... the best factor for you personally in the long run would be to change your working habits and ensure you work on your computer ergonomically.  Scrunched up on the laptop disregarding how your body feels is not the way to go. Consider modifying your seating, mouse actions, and don't forget to face up and stretch once in awhile, regardless of how riveting your task in hand may appear.

For the short term, however, a Thai massage certainly has benefits, there might be other health spa remedies that will help. This is the reason a lot of top  sports athletes have regular massages. A neck, back and shoulder massage is fantastic for helping to loosen up tight muscles - even just one treatment can lead to you having the ability to improve your mind and sit up just a little straighter. You may also sleep better, too. However, you'll most likely need a number of massage sessions to lessen muscle stiffness and ease your aches completely. You might find you have to book one treatment per week  for a while as this gives your masseur time for you to focus on your tight areas and help to release them effectively.

You may even prefer to try the Asian massage therapy shiatsu, which is a Japanese type of deep-tissue massage, which involves deep pressure on specific areas of the body, as it can possibly help to ease shoulder and neck discomfort.

Finally, tense muscles frequently respond well to warmth treatment, which will help them to release and relax. So consider booking a cure such as hot-stone massage, or heated herbal poultices maybe included in the massage, too. This latter method is very popular in Thailand.

I've had  surgery recently. Does this prevent me getting a Thai massage?

It is dependent as to what surgery you had to decide what massage treatment you may  need to have, but a Thai massage might make sense. A 2012 study discovered that therapeutic massage after cardiac surgery considerably reduced patients' discomfort, anxiety, and muscular tension. Recent surgery might mean you need to avoid massage for the specific area where you have a problem whilst the body takes time to heal naturally. Many massage spas provide health info on their websites or in their printed literature which informs you ahead of time which remedies you shouldn't have for those who have a particular health concern. Seek advice from your physician, too.

For those who have a permanent scar as long as your condition is stable, there shouldn't be problem. If are awkward about showing this to your massage therapist please don't worry - your masseur  has witnessed everything before and is there to help you..

In the meantime why not enjoy some beautifully relaxing best Thai massage music in the world ever - or so that's what it says on the tin !

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