Top 10 Interesting Facts about Oriental Thai Massage

posted 2 Aug 2013, 00:04 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 13 Aug 2013, 01:27 ]
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I've just been looking on the old steam powered internet to see if I can find an ever popular top 10 list about Thai massage, Surprisingly I find nothing so that is a cue to write one myself drawing on my considerable experience of this wonderful massage therapy.

So here we go my first interesting fact about Asian Thai massage ;

Top Ten Facts about Thai Massage

No 1. Thai Massage relieves lower back pain even better than painkilling drugs.

As much as one-in-four People in the UK are afflicted by back discomfort, which is believed that 80 % of People in UK experience debilitating back discomfort at least one time within their lives. However, lengthy-term utilization of conventional medical remedies for back discomfort, for example opium-related pain relievers, can result in organ damage as well as physical addiction. Traditional Asian remedies such as Thai massage may represent a safer approach and much more effective way of relieving back discomfort treatment. Recent research published in The Annals of Internal Medicine discovered that among 401 middle-aged female participants with chronic back discomfort, individuals who received over ten weeks  ten weekly sessions of  relaxation massage or structural massage which is a far more intensive kind of massage - experienced considerably less discomfort and enhanced functioning in comparison to those  individuals who received only the usual care which they had been accustomed to  for example pain relievers, muscle relaxants and physical rehabilitation.

That comes as no surprise to me as my wife is a very experienced Asian Thai massage therapist and Thai massage teacher and on the few occasions I have had any muscle or skeletal problems her expert hands and detailed knowledge of the bodies makeup and structure have been able to effect rapid and permanent relief. So if your back or other parts of your body are troubling you then why not visit London Thai Massage and let our experienced Wat Po Asian Thai massage therapists soothe your problems away.

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