Thai Ladyboy Movies - No 1 - The Iron Ladies

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The first in a series of articles about the role and influence of Thai ladyboys in the cinema. We start with one of the most popular and succesfull Thai ladyboy movies The Iron Ladies or "Satree lek" in Thai  - which is a Thai comedy film from the year 2000. The film follows the real life story of a Thai  men's volleyball team, composed mainly of gay and kathoey (transgender) sports athletes. The film was directed by Youngyooth Thongkonthun and compiled by Visuttchai Boonyakarnjawa and Jira Maligool.

In 2003, the combined follow up and prequel known as The Iron Ladies 2 (Satree lek 2) was launched. The film relies upon the way the figures from the Iron Ladies met, and just how they'd later reunite for an additional volleyball tournament.

The film was launched in 2001 though it is set back in 1996, once the real team had taken part and won the nation's titles in Thailand. The 2 primary figures, Mon and Jung, play two gay transvestites, who were constantly overlooked by volleyball coaches due to the look of them - as they were flamboyant gay Thai ladyboys. However, whenever a local team changes coaches, the brand new coach holds tryouts for the new team. When Mon and Jung are selected, the majority of the old volleyball players resign, leading to the departing the brand new coach, Coach Bee which gives way to  a sticky predicament and the heart of the film's humour.

Mon and Jung are persuaded to enlist the aid of other gay and transsexual buddies who they have played volleyball with in

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college. These new gamers include Wit, who has not told his fiancée he's gay, Pia, a transsexual dancer and Nong, a gay military conscript. Once the competition starts, basically all the players within the team are gay or transsexual with the exception of one straight guy.

Due to the look of them on court, most of the match authorities decide to prohibit them from playing and they are soon named "The Iron Ladies", in the tournament. However, seeing just how much they are loved and adored by the crowd soon changes a lot of their prejudiced opinions.

In the finishing  credits from the film, the actual "Iron Ladies" appear in the movie at the time they were doing these things in real life.

Iron Ladies was a big success in Thailand and went onto gain plaudits from worldwide film festival circuit, with the film nominated on twelve occasions and won many honours worldwide.

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