Thai Buddhist monks try to train maleness to Thai Ladyboys

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Chiang Khong Northern Thailand - a 15-year-old ambitious "ladyboy" delicately applied a puff of talcum powder to his nose - an action of rebellion in the Thai Buddhist temple where he's understanding how to "be considered a guy".

 "They've rules here that novice monks cannot use powder, make-up, or perfume, cannot play and become flirty," stated Pipop Thanajindawong, who had been delivered to Wat Kreung Tai Wittaya, in Chiang Khong by his family round the Thai-Laos border, to try to tame his more feminine traits.

 However the monks running the temple's programme to train maleness to boys who're transsexuals or ladyboys, have a hard time succeeding with their questionable work

 "We sometimes provide our ladyboy pupils with money to purchase snacks but he saved up to purchase mascara," the head teacher Abbott Pitsanu Witcharato stated of Pipop.

 Novice monks' days pass the same as with every other Buddhist temple in Thailand --waking before beginning, collecting alms and studying Buddhism - but every Friday attention turns towards the gay ladyboys in the attached school.

 "Had you been born like a guy or perhaps a lady or are you able to not specify your gender - not guy or lady?" requested monk Pitsanu in a recent set up. "You can't be other things however your true gender, that is a guy. Like a novice you are able to simply be a guy."

The temple includes a more stringent interpretation than the others of rules regulating behavior throughout Buddhist training that's a vital childhood experience for a lot of Thai boys.

 Pupils are banned accordeing to the  teachings of the Buddha from using perfume making-up and prohibited from singing, playing music and running.

 "We can't change these but what we should can perform would be to control their behavior to ensure they are understand that they are born like a guy... and can't behave like a lady," stated monk Pitsanu.

 The Kreung Tai Buddhist temple has run the program for boys aged between 11 and 18 since 2008, after former principle Abbott Maha Vuthichai Vachiramethi devised the programme while he thought the number of ladyboys within the monkhood had "affected the soundness of Thai Buddhism".

 He hopes the teaching techniques is going to be folded to other temple schools to "solve the deviant behavior in beginners before they cannot be converted".

 It's an attitude that enrages Thai gay campaigner Natee Teerarojanapong, who stated attempting to affect the boys' feeling of gender and sexuality was "very harmful".

 "These kids will end up self-disliking because they've been trained by respected monks that being gay isn't good. That's terrible on their behalf. They'll never live happily."

 Gay and ladyboy culture is seen and broadly tolerated in Thailand, that has among the biggest ladyboy populations on the planet, and Natee stated the temple's programme is "very outdated."

 But monk Acha Apiwanno, 28, disputed the concept that Thai society recognized ladyboys and stated he became a member of the monkhood due to social stigma about his sexual identity.

 "The main reason I grew to become a monk would be to train my habits, to manage my expression... I did not desire to be such as this.

 Monks have experienced limited success within their project - three from the six ladyboys to finish the college course are stated to possess accepted their maleness, however the remaining three continued to aspire to and live as Thai gay ladyboys.

 Pipop stated he's battled together with his sexuality in the temple. But back in his home in Bangkok he outfitted just like a girl, wearing make-up and taking female hormones until he developed breasts, but he's since stopped the therapy and wears merely a surreptitious dab of powder in the temple.

 Sadly he doesn't believe he'll meet his family's hopes that he will end up more macho.

 "I'm able to make sure they are proud even I am not really a guy," the Thai teen stated, adding he'd quit his ambition to become an airhostess and today aspires to operate inside a bank.He thinks he will have a sex change after graduation and realise his ambition to be a fully fledged gay Thai ladyboy.

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Thai monks try to convert gay Thai ladyboys back to men.