Interesting Facts about Thai Massage 2 - Does Thai massage help you to lose weight ?

posted 3 Aug 2013, 23:30 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 13 Aug 2013, 01:26 ]
The second article in out Top 10 Interesting Facts about Thai Massage  which briefly covers the pressing question of  does Thai massage help you to lose weight ?
London Thai Massage - asian oriental weight loss massage

Massage clients visit a Thai masseur for a wide variety of reasons and one we sometimes hear is that since Thai therapeutic massage is a form of exercise done to your body by the masseur then perhaps as your body fat is massaged by their hands it could help you in some way to lose weight. Even though as an additional service some massage beauty spas, salons and massage professionals offer weight reduction massage services, sadly Thai massage is not shown to burn body fat or reduce cellulite. Widely advertised sales of different massage creams,unctions and lotions are also similarly ineffective at burning body fat. The only real safe and proven methods to burn body fat and lose weight are the tried and tested disciplines of dieting and exercise.

Nevertheless, whilst the ancient Asian oriental practice of Thai massage itself won’t burn your body fat, a calming and soothing Thai massage is really a very much more healthy option than guzzling down fattening comfort foods like sweets or alcohol. If obtaining a Thai massage helps prevent you from reaching for your black forest gateaux or burger and chips then go ahead and, make an appointment ! 

London Thai Massage - asian massage for weight loss