How to find a good oriental Thai massage.

posted 2 Aug 2013, 05:58 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 13 Aug 2013, 01:27 ]
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With so many Thai massage therapists both Thai native born and non-Thai operating these days how can you ensure that you find the best. At London Thai Massage we assembled a short list of some of the pointers you might like to consider when looking for the best possible massage.

1.  The very best massages start from the moment you contact the therapist.

Check how easy maybe it was to reserve a scheduled appointment and just how confident, professional and useful were the massage therapist on the telephone or answering your email? All of us live busy, complicated lives so a useful receptionist or even the massage professional will answer your enquiry quickly. He/she'll also answer any queries you might have about availability and advisable limitations. Sometimes you might want to get a few quotes or simply "screen" a couple of massage therapists before making the decision and asking in regards to a particular condition a person suffers from. Did the massage counsellor let you know that a number of massage periods might help and did he/she make reference to previous effective cases that got great results with massage? Did they seem confident, friendly and knowledgeable? As ever your instinct is a great tutor

2. Questions and answers - the importance of knowing your client.

Never trust a masseur who does not even bother asking about any injuries. The very best massage consultation I've ever had before a massage was having a counsellor who not just requested me about my health insurance and genealogy but additionally about my health and session goals. Quite simply, she set herself some targets to satisfy at session level, plus she was positively controlling my anticipation and setting targets for follow-on remedies assist fully with the needed wellness results. Even now I'm still very impressed with my friend whose desire for continual professional development stands out through everything she does.

3.  It's all about the pressure and how the massage therapist applies it.

Allow me to explain a little further  a great Thai massage will untangle your knots and perhaps seem like a good work out, and also the masseur will seek advice from you throughout  your massage session when the pressure is at your discomfort threshold or maybe it must be elevated. However, there's still some luck/chance/miracle should you allow me the expression: quite simply, there's something intangible that just very experienced masseurs develop through the years which is their unerring massage intuition. It's the capability to predict the correct quantity of pressure at precisely the proper time within the very precise reason for your body that needs it probably the most. With palpation, i.e., the accurate checking from the body using light massage friction, the massage counsellor can see a client's muscles just like reading a book using their tips of the fingers and may adapt the massage technique accordingly. An excellent Thai masseur may also identify weekly alterations in the client's muscles (did you have a body pump session yesterday?) and, within the situation of abdominal massage, immediately notice a general change in diet (bloatedness could be a signal of the slight food intolerance or the existence of an excessive amount of sugar). And watch out for the so-known as "massage by amounts" in which the same massage sequence can be used for those massage clients no matter their conditions and preferences. The manifestation of a great massage is it zones in around the areas you've outlined as key focal points for the masseur to operate on.

4. Relaxing Asian spa  music.

Also known as health spa music might be a salon's concept of supplying a calming atmosphere but it may be your concept of massage hell. A masseur should not assume you want earth sounds, thunderstorms or nature's finest harps and really should seek advice from you for those who have any preferences in relation to music or you require complete silence altogether throughout your massage. Once I requested a Thai masseur to change her faulty compact disc and this sadly upset her  as she really thought I would be missing out on the therapeutic and healing results of her Asian spa music. Don't be afraid to speak out as it's your hard earned money you're spending on your massage therapy session. 

5. How they look after you once you've left.

Aftercare is exactly what will be sure that the advantages of your massage session could be prolonged with time. It's also an essential component of injuries prevention so if you're struggling with repetitive strain injuries some specific stretches may help to slow the develop of inflammation within your joints and muscles. Some items or the use of a cold compress might be suggested based on specific conditions. Obviously huge sales hype for food or mineral supplements or any other items ought to be given suspicion as it might you need to be a means for that counsellor to earn more money , it all depends on what they are and how they work - don't feel pressured to buy anything other than your massage.

A Thai masseur , following a massage, once attempted to market me not just one supplement but an entire detoxing package worth a great deal of cash so when I just read the literature it had been fairly apparent the items within the catalogue were from the multi-level marketing plan. Again, I've nothing against massage practitioners who've got the best business abilities to understand that multiple earnings streams are desirable but they need to come clean regarding their product organizations.

Getting regular massage sessions isn't said to be an extravagance or perhaps a service that only celebs and the rich  can enjoy. Local independent practitioners can provide huge discounts in comparison to spas as they've got already lower expenses. Spas provide beautiful facilities and also have the assets to supply massage periods at short notice so there's space for everyone available on the market. Whatever option you select, seek information  and use this article as your guide and do not deny yourself the positive advantages of a good massage. And also to be 100% relaxed make certain you take your own music !

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