Can an Overweight Person have a Succesful Thai Massage session ?

posted 4 Aug 2013, 00:06 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 13 Aug 2013, 01:25 ]
London Thai Massage - asian oriental massage for overweight clients
Following on from our previous blog article can Thai massagehelp in losing weight it would seem pertinent to ask are Thai massage practitioners body fat-friendly? Could it be harder to have a successful Thai massage on a heavier person, and will the massage be just as succesfull for that type of massage client

This is a very good question and I have asked around a lot of my friends in the Thai massage business to really find out what they've got to say about it- that said everybody is different in practice and outlook so we can not speak for all Thai massage practitioners. Oddly, I do not recall it approaching in conversation so I'm not sure the other massage practitioners would say. However, speaking personally, I welcome anybody and everybody that I am able to accommodate. It pains me that from time to time we hear of someone state that they'd like to obtain a massage but they're reluctant due to how much they weigh. I would like individuals to believe that our massage service and therapy rooms are somewhere they are able to feel better about themselves and recognized that Thai massage therapy is for everybody and can really help in developing a better body image and so help increase your positive mental health.

 Being overweight may present some challenges for the Thai masseur but that will often depend on the kind of massage therapy that you're doing. If you're concentrating on relaxation, there shouldn't be an issue because the massage will be more general instead of specific. However, if you're trying to help alleviate a particular discomfort problem, this could be harder for the masseur to palpate bony parts of your body and also to have a positive  effect on the muscles below.

When the Thai massage counsellor knows their anatomy well, they are able to make amends for this reduced capability to have the tissue massage and stimulated by their detailed knowledge of the bodies  anatomy. Further, because the nerves that provide the muscles also serve your skin directly within the muscles, the masseur are able to impact much deeper tissue even when they can't touch them directly. My own experience is when I focus, I'm able to sometimes eventually palpate a lot more than I initially recognized. So yes, massage on a heavier client could be tougher but it's certainly possible and most probably desirable.

To achieve a successful outcome , this will vary using the individual client and it is difficult to predict. My suggestion could be for an individual to test a Thai massage therapist and business  it and find out for themselves if they think it is effective.

 Maybe you worry that the massage table won't be big enough or strong enough to support a heavier than average client. In most cases massage tables are well constructed with tolerances for a wide range of sizes and weights, if you have any doubts about whether the room and or therapist are suitable for you then don't hesitate to give the massage therapist a call. They will be able to answer your questions confidentially and with sensitivity and if they can't then they shouldn't be in the business of providing personal massage services.

London Thai Massage - asian oriental massage for overweight clients