Are you a fan of Asian Oriental Massage ?

posted 1 Aug 2013, 05:44 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 24 Nov 2015, 12:43 ]
London Thai Massage - Wat Po Oriental Massage School
Are you a fan of Asia. Do you like oriental Asian men and women - does the idea of oriental massage or more specifically Thai massage get you all dreamy and dreaming of hot sultry oriental nights in say Thailand's steamy capital city Bangkok - the City of Angels. Well you don't need to get on a plane and fly over to Thailand to experience the luxury and benefits of Thai therapeutic massage anymore . Right here at London Thai Massage we have cute , gay and straight , female and ladyboy experienced Thai masseurs to suit everyone's tastes. So why not give us a call and come along to our luxuriant Thai massage premises right next to Tottenham Court Road tube station and experience Asian hospitality , the luxury and relaxing style that only oriental masseurs can bring , and start your Thai massage experience today.

Asian Thai massage dates back many hundreds of years back to the age of the Buddha and came from the Indian enlightenment where yoga and a deeper understanding of how the body works and the muscles , bone and tissues interact to form a whole. Our Asian Thai masseurs are all trained at the world renowned Wat Po Thai Massage School based in Bangkok and have learnt the ancient art of Thai massage with only the best teachers.

Here's a great little video about the Thai massage school - hope you enjoy.  Learn more about different Thai massage therapies and massage techniques on London Thai Massage's Massage Therapies page.

London Thai Massage - Wat Po Oriental Massage School