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Please note as from January 2nd 2016 we are only currently offering hotel outcall service in the central London area.

London Thai Massage is one of London's premier Thai massage service and for the last two years we have been offering a superb visiting Thai massage out call service to many of London's premier 4 and 5 star hotels. Alongside this service we have now procured some of London's finest in call newly refurbished Thai massage therapy rooms just a couple of minutes walk away from London's Swiss Cottage tube / underground station. So whether you want a male of female masseur outcall at your hotel or visit our luxury Thai spa rooms in Swiss Cottage we have just the masseur and massage style for you. Give us a call now on 07827  404372 to book your very best and luxurious Thai massage this side of the Land of Smiles at our newly opened Swiss Cottage Premises.

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Thai massage therapy rooms at Swiss Cotage

19th September 2014 London Thai Massage New Hotel Outcall Service
Tired after a long flight , had a hectic round of business meetings that have left you drained and tired. Then maybe back at your hotel you are need of a relaxing and luxurious Thai massage. If so then London Thai Massage should be you first port of call - the owner Vivien is an expert in all Thai massage techniques and has a network of experienced and attractive native born Thai masseurs available for her to book. We currently visit 4 and 5 star central London hotels so if you fit the bill the give us a call and we can sort everything out for your relaxation and enjoyment and ensure a happy ending to your massage experience.

London Thai Massage - 5 star service for 5 star hotels

posted 15 Oct 2014, 03:39 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 8 May 2016, 02:11 ]

15th October 2014

London Thai Massage is a collective of highly experienced native Thai born masseurs and masseuses who have worked at some of London's most prestigious Thai spas and massage establishments. Currently we have made a business decision to confine our client base to a hotel out call Thai massage service for London's 4 and 5 star hotels. We do this as we feel the quality and reliability of our service is a luxury reserved for the finest clients who appreciate the good things in life – and having a superb deep tissue Thai massage after a heard day's work at the top of your profession is just what the doctor ordered.

So what are you waiting for – why not give us at London Thai Massage a call on 07845 367425 and let us arrange the rest.

London Thai Massage - hotel outcall Thai masage service

The Origins of Massage in Asia and its spread to the Western World

posted 8 Aug 2013, 04:14 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 8 Aug 2013, 04:16 ]

asian oriental massage - chinese masseurs litho

Here at London Thai Massage we thought we get to know a little more about the history and origins of this wonderful branch of wellness treatment for want of a better word. Massage must have existed since ancient times as early humans stroked and massaged each other for comfort and the relief of aches and pains but it wasn't until around 5000 years ago that massage a discipline arose in Asia- specifically China and from there was to spread via India through Africa and the Arab world to the West. To find out more about the history and origins of massage in Asia and beyond click on The Origins of Massage in Asia and its spread to the western world.

Thai Buddhist monks try to train maleness to Thai Ladyboys

posted 6 Aug 2013, 11:53 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 10 Aug 2013, 06:26 ]

asian oriental massage - thai monks try to convert gay ladyboys
Chiang Khong Northern Thailand - a 15-year-old ambitious "ladyboy" delicately applied a puff of talcum powder to his nose - an action of rebellion in the Thai Buddhist temple where he's understanding how to "be considered a guy".

 "They've rules here that novice monks cannot use powder, make-up, or perfume, cannot play and become flirty," stated Pipop Thanajindawong, who had been delivered to Wat Kreung Tai Wittaya, in Chiang Khong by his family round the Thai-Laos border, to try to tame his more feminine traits.

 However the monks running the temple's programme to train maleness to boys who're transsexuals or ladyboys, have a hard time succeeding with their questionable work

 "We sometimes provide our ladyboy pupils with money to purchase snacks but he saved up to purchase mascara," the head teacher Abbott Pitsanu Witcharato stated of Pipop.

 Novice monks' days pass the same as with every other Buddhist temple in Thailand --waking before beginning, collecting alms and studying Buddhism - but every Friday attention turns towards the gay ladyboys in the attached school.

 "Had you been born like a guy or perhaps a lady or are you able to not specify your gender - not guy or lady?" requested monk Pitsanu in a recent set up. "You can't be other things however your true gender, that is a guy. Like a novice you are able to simply be a guy."

The temple includes a more stringent interpretation than the others of rules regulating behavior throughout Buddhist training that's a vital childhood experience for a lot of Thai boys.

 Pupils are banned accordeing to the  teachings of the Buddha from using perfume making-up and prohibited from singing, playing music and running.

 "We can't change these but what we should can perform would be to control their behavior to ensure they are understand that they are born like a guy... and can't behave like a lady," stated monk Pitsanu.

 The Kreung Tai Buddhist temple has run the program for boys aged between 11 and 18 since 2008, after former principle Abbott Maha Vuthichai Vachiramethi devised the programme while he thought the number of ladyboys within the monkhood had "affected the soundness of Thai Buddhism".

 He hopes the teaching techniques is going to be folded to other temple schools to "solve the deviant behavior in beginners before they cannot be converted".

 It's an attitude that enrages Thai gay campaigner Natee Teerarojanapong, who stated attempting to affect the boys' feeling of gender and sexuality was "very harmful".

 "These kids will end up self-disliking because they've been trained by respected monks that being gay isn't good. That's terrible on their behalf. They'll never live happily."

 Gay and ladyboy culture is seen and broadly tolerated in Thailand, that has among the biggest ladyboy populations on the planet, and Natee stated the temple's programme is "very outdated."

 But monk Acha Apiwanno, 28, disputed the concept that Thai society recognized ladyboys and stated he became a member of the monkhood due to social stigma about his sexual identity.

 "The main reason I grew to become a monk would be to train my habits, to manage my expression... I did not desire to be such as this.

 Monks have experienced limited success within their project - three from the six ladyboys to finish the college course are stated to possess accepted their maleness, however the remaining three continued to aspire to and live as Thai gay ladyboys.

 Pipop stated he's battled together with his sexuality in the temple. But back in his home in Bangkok he outfitted just like a girl, wearing make-up and taking female hormones until he developed breasts, but he's since stopped the therapy and wears merely a surreptitious dab of powder in the temple.

 Sadly he doesn't believe he'll meet his family's hopes that he will end up more macho.

 "I'm able to make sure they are proud even I am not really a guy," the Thai teen stated, adding he'd quit his ambition to become an airhostess and today aspires to operate inside a bank.He thinks he will have a sex change after graduation and realise his ambition to be a fully fledged gay Thai ladyboy.

There was a discussion about this topic over at the ever popular Thai Visa forum.

Thai monks try to convert gay Thai ladyboys back to men.

Why are there so many Thai Ladyboys in Thailand

posted 6 Aug 2013, 11:26 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 6 Aug 2013, 11:28 ]

Any new visitor to Thailand cannot be but surprised when they see many gay Thai ladyboys in Asia's undisputed capital of gay ladyboys and ladyboy culture. It has been estimated that there are up to half a million gay Thai ladyboys in the Land of Smiles and you will find them working everywhere particularly in the larger cities. Thai ladyboys are prevalent on the make-up counters of big department stores , working and running beauty salons and hairdressers and selling clothes on street markets. In addition they are number who work in the sleazy Thai commercial sex industry or have glamorous roles in the many ladyboy cabarets shows that are dotted around the country particularly in Bangkok and Pattaya. So why are there so many gay Thai ladyboys in Thailand - take a look at our interestingarticle on Asia's largest gay ladyboy culture.

Can an Overweight Person have a Succesful Thai Massage session ?

posted 4 Aug 2013, 00:06 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 13 Aug 2013, 01:25 ]

London Thai Massage - asian oriental massage for overweight clients
Following on from our previous blog article can Thai massagehelp in losing weight it would seem pertinent to ask are Thai massage practitioners body fat-friendly? Could it be harder to have a successful Thai massage on a heavier person, and will the massage be just as succesfull for that type of massage client

This is a very good question and I have asked around a lot of my friends in the Thai massage business to really find out what they've got to say about it- that said everybody is different in practice and outlook so we can not speak for all Thai massage practitioners. Oddly, I do not recall it approaching in conversation so I'm not sure the other massage practitioners would say. However, speaking personally, I welcome anybody and everybody that I am able to accommodate. It pains me that from time to time we hear of someone state that they'd like to obtain a massage but they're reluctant due to how much they weigh. I would like individuals to believe that our massage service and therapy rooms are somewhere they are able to feel better about themselves and recognized that Thai massage therapy is for everybody and can really help in developing a better body image and so help increase your positive mental health.

 Being overweight may present some challenges for the Thai masseur but that will often depend on the kind of massage therapy that you're doing. If you're concentrating on relaxation, there shouldn't be an issue because the massage will be more general instead of specific. However, if you're trying to help alleviate a particular discomfort problem, this could be harder for the masseur to palpate bony parts of your body and also to have a positive  effect on the muscles below.

When the Thai massage counsellor knows their anatomy well, they are able to make amends for this reduced capability to have the tissue massage and stimulated by their detailed knowledge of the bodies  anatomy. Further, because the nerves that provide the muscles also serve your skin directly within the muscles, the masseur are able to impact much deeper tissue even when they can't touch them directly. My own experience is when I focus, I'm able to sometimes eventually palpate a lot more than I initially recognized. So yes, massage on a heavier client could be tougher but it's certainly possible and most probably desirable.

To achieve a successful outcome , this will vary using the individual client and it is difficult to predict. My suggestion could be for an individual to test a Thai massage therapist and business  it and find out for themselves if they think it is effective.

 Maybe you worry that the massage table won't be big enough or strong enough to support a heavier than average client. In most cases massage tables are well constructed with tolerances for a wide range of sizes and weights, if you have any doubts about whether the room and or therapist are suitable for you then don't hesitate to give the massage therapist a call. They will be able to answer your questions confidentially and with sensitivity and if they can't then they shouldn't be in the business of providing personal massage services.

London Thai Massage - asian oriental massage for overweight clients

Interesting Facts about Thai Massage 2 - Does Thai massage help you to lose weight ?

posted 3 Aug 2013, 23:30 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 13 Aug 2013, 01:26 ]

The second article in out Top 10 Interesting Facts about Thai Massage  which briefly covers the pressing question of  does Thai massage help you to lose weight ?
London Thai Massage - asian oriental weight loss massage

Massage clients visit a Thai masseur for a wide variety of reasons and one we sometimes hear is that since Thai therapeutic massage is a form of exercise done to your body by the masseur then perhaps as your body fat is massaged by their hands it could help you in some way to lose weight. Even though as an additional service some massage beauty spas, salons and massage professionals offer weight reduction massage services, sadly Thai massage is not shown to burn body fat or reduce cellulite. Widely advertised sales of different massage creams,unctions and lotions are also similarly ineffective at burning body fat. The only real safe and proven methods to burn body fat and lose weight are the tried and tested disciplines of dieting and exercise.

Nevertheless, whilst the ancient Asian oriental practice of Thai massage itself won’t burn your body fat, a calming and soothing Thai massage is really a very much more healthy option than guzzling down fattening comfort foods like sweets or alcohol. If obtaining a Thai massage helps prevent you from reaching for your black forest gateaux or burger and chips then go ahead and, make an appointment ! 

London Thai Massage - asian massage for weight loss

Top Tips for a Great Thai Massage in Bangkok

posted 3 Aug 2013, 15:42 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 13 Aug 2013, 01:26 ]

Top Tips for a Great Thai Massage in Thailand

London Thai Massage - oriental asian massage shop - Bangkok
Thai massage therapy is most definitely an ancient art which will make you feel more healthy, more happy and much more supple and agile  as the muscles will be extended and stretched into many different positions. Asian Thai massage is a more energizing and rigorous massage experience that may be intimidating in the beginning, but will work very well for you and also is one thing you simply have to experience during any visit to Thailand's bustling capital city - Bangkok.

An Asian Thai massage differs from the kind of massage you may be accustomed to, in which you lay back and let someone rub parts of your muscles when you relax. Rather, throughout the therapy your Thai masseuse is going to be bending the body into different stretches and positions to ease discomfort, improve circulation and stretch parts of your muscles. Thai massage is referred to as much like yoga, but like getting yoga done “to your body” instead of you putting the body within the poses.

You will find many health advantages if you choose to have a Thai massage session. Thai massage will enhance your circulation, stretch your stiff muscles, releases your joints, and encourages your lymphatic system. Thai therapeutic massage can also be thought to reduce anxiety, increase versatility, improve levels of energy, and finally enhance flexibility and calm your body.

Where you'll get a great Thai massage

When you are in Bangkok, you'll have many possibilities to savour a genuine Thai massage at a most reasonable cost. Bangkok is the ideal spot to experience this healing treatment. Seek information ahead of time and ensure you're going to the best and qualified Thai massage counsellor. Currently a good massage in an average Thai massage shop in Bangkok will cost around 250-300 baht an hour or a very reasonable £5 or £6.

At Wat Po, you can acquire a massage with a student from the Wat Po Thai massage school. Whilst experiencing a Thai massage session for the very first time not understanding what to anticipate could be thought to be  intimidating, therefore the following are some top tips that you need to bear in mind:

Things to Put on for a Thai Massage

Thai massage isn't a massage therapy that's carried out naked, so you will need to keep your clothes on! You need to put on lightweight and loose clothing so that you can easily move about. The Thai massage therapist must fully move your legs, shoulders, sides and back, so restricting clothing can be obtrusive and hamper a good massage. Choose cotton or linen pants instead of jeans along with a loose t-shirt as opposed to a button-lower top. You may be offered a wide range of garments to put on for your massage, as certain massage establishments will provide a set of lightweight cotton pyjamas to put on.

What you should anticipate for your Thai massage

Your Thai massage will occur on the padded pad on the ground and will have no oil applied. You'll be bent and altered through the massage counsellor, so listen carefully for them and try your best to relax. If you're tense and rigid, it makes it difficult for the Thai masseur  to fully assist you. Relax and trust they're not going to hurt you. While the body is being altered you may feel a little of the stretch, but when it begins to feel painful then don’t hesitate to inform your masseur. They will be able to adapt the Thai massage to your demands, as it ought to be stimulating and stretching for you although not painful. The normal Thai massage should be for at least an hour, but may well last for 2. You typically pick the massage’s length at first and pay for it on an hourly basis.

How to proceed before having your Thai massage

If it's the first time going to the massage health spa, aim to get there at least ten minutes early to ensure that you are able to complete any forms which means you could be briefed on what your massage will entail. If you were there before, you are able to appear 5 minutes early to own health spa notice to organize for you personally which means you have plenty of time to unwind before your massage session. Do not eat huge meal before getting a Thai massage, as this is often uncomfortable when you are being bent into different positions. Also, if you're pregnant, have heart disease or are afflicted by hernias or recent fractures, it is best to avoid Thai massage until your condition has successfully resolved itself.

Getting a Thai massage will refresh and revitalize you, so why wouldn't you give this ancient therapy form a go  if you find yourself in the lucky position of having a holiday in Thailand - The Land of Smiles.

London Thai Massage - Bangkok Asian foot massage

How to find a good oriental Thai massage.

posted 2 Aug 2013, 05:58 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 13 Aug 2013, 01:27 ]

London Thai Massage - oriental asian massage qoute
With so many Thai massage therapists both Thai native born and non-Thai operating these days how can you ensure that you find the best. At London Thai Massage we assembled a short list of some of the pointers you might like to consider when looking for the best possible massage.

1.  The very best massages start from the moment you contact the therapist.

Check how easy maybe it was to reserve a scheduled appointment and just how confident, professional and useful were the massage therapist on the telephone or answering your email? All of us live busy, complicated lives so a useful receptionist or even the massage professional will answer your enquiry quickly. He/she'll also answer any queries you might have about availability and advisable limitations. Sometimes you might want to get a few quotes or simply "screen" a couple of massage therapists before making the decision and asking in regards to a particular condition a person suffers from. Did the massage counsellor let you know that a number of massage periods might help and did he/she make reference to previous effective cases that got great results with massage? Did they seem confident, friendly and knowledgeable? As ever your instinct is a great tutor

2. Questions and answers - the importance of knowing your client.

Never trust a masseur who does not even bother asking about any injuries. The very best massage consultation I've ever had before a massage was having a counsellor who not just requested me about my health insurance and genealogy but additionally about my health and session goals. Quite simply, she set herself some targets to satisfy at session level, plus she was positively controlling my anticipation and setting targets for follow-on remedies assist fully with the needed wellness results. Even now I'm still very impressed with my friend whose desire for continual professional development stands out through everything she does.

3.  It's all about the pressure and how the massage therapist applies it.

Allow me to explain a little further  a great Thai massage will untangle your knots and perhaps seem like a good work out, and also the masseur will seek advice from you throughout  your massage session when the pressure is at your discomfort threshold or maybe it must be elevated. However, there's still some luck/chance/miracle should you allow me the expression: quite simply, there's something intangible that just very experienced masseurs develop through the years which is their unerring massage intuition. It's the capability to predict the correct quantity of pressure at precisely the proper time within the very precise reason for your body that needs it probably the most. With palpation, i.e., the accurate checking from the body using light massage friction, the massage counsellor can see a client's muscles just like reading a book using their tips of the fingers and may adapt the massage technique accordingly. An excellent Thai masseur may also identify weekly alterations in the client's muscles (did you have a body pump session yesterday?) and, within the situation of abdominal massage, immediately notice a general change in diet (bloatedness could be a signal of the slight food intolerance or the existence of an excessive amount of sugar). And watch out for the so-known as "massage by amounts" in which the same massage sequence can be used for those massage clients no matter their conditions and preferences. The manifestation of a great massage is it zones in around the areas you've outlined as key focal points for the masseur to operate on.

4. Relaxing Asian spa  music.

Also known as health spa music might be a salon's concept of supplying a calming atmosphere but it may be your concept of massage hell. A masseur should not assume you want earth sounds, thunderstorms or nature's finest harps and really should seek advice from you for those who have any preferences in relation to music or you require complete silence altogether throughout your massage. Once I requested a Thai masseur to change her faulty compact disc and this sadly upset her  as she really thought I would be missing out on the therapeutic and healing results of her Asian spa music. Don't be afraid to speak out as it's your hard earned money you're spending on your massage therapy session. 

5. How they look after you once you've left.

Aftercare is exactly what will be sure that the advantages of your massage session could be prolonged with time. It's also an essential component of injuries prevention so if you're struggling with repetitive strain injuries some specific stretches may help to slow the develop of inflammation within your joints and muscles. Some items or the use of a cold compress might be suggested based on specific conditions. Obviously huge sales hype for food or mineral supplements or any other items ought to be given suspicion as it might you need to be a means for that counsellor to earn more money , it all depends on what they are and how they work - don't feel pressured to buy anything other than your massage.

A Thai masseur , following a massage, once attempted to market me not just one supplement but an entire detoxing package worth a great deal of cash so when I just read the literature it had been fairly apparent the items within the catalogue were from the multi-level marketing plan. Again, I've nothing against massage practitioners who've got the best business abilities to understand that multiple earnings streams are desirable but they need to come clean regarding their product organizations.

Getting regular massage sessions isn't said to be an extravagance or perhaps a service that only celebs and the rich  can enjoy. Local independent practitioners can provide huge discounts in comparison to spas as they've got already lower expenses. Spas provide beautiful facilities and also have the assets to supply massage periods at short notice so there's space for everyone available on the market. Whatever option you select, seek information  and use this article as your guide and do not deny yourself the positive advantages of a good massage. And also to be 100% relaxed make certain you take your own music !

London Thai Massage - top asian massage techniques

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Oriental Thai Massage

posted 2 Aug 2013, 00:04 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 13 Aug 2013, 01:27 ]

London Thai Massage - interesting asian massage techniques

I've just been looking on the old steam powered internet to see if I can find an ever popular top 10 list about Thai massage, Surprisingly I find nothing so that is a cue to write one myself drawing on my considerable experience of this wonderful massage therapy.

So here we go my first interesting fact about Asian Thai massage ;

Top Ten Facts about Thai Massage

No 1. Thai Massage relieves lower back pain even better than painkilling drugs.

As much as one-in-four People in the UK are afflicted by back discomfort, which is believed that 80 % of People in UK experience debilitating back discomfort at least one time within their lives. However, lengthy-term utilization of conventional medical remedies for back discomfort, for example opium-related pain relievers, can result in organ damage as well as physical addiction. Traditional Asian remedies such as Thai massage may represent a safer approach and much more effective way of relieving back discomfort treatment. Recent research published in The Annals of Internal Medicine discovered that among 401 middle-aged female participants with chronic back discomfort, individuals who received over ten weeks  ten weekly sessions of  relaxation massage or structural massage which is a far more intensive kind of massage - experienced considerably less discomfort and enhanced functioning in comparison to those  individuals who received only the usual care which they had been accustomed to  for example pain relievers, muscle relaxants and physical rehabilitation.

That comes as no surprise to me as my wife is a very experienced Asian Thai massage therapist and Thai massage teacher and on the few occasions I have had any muscle or skeletal problems her expert hands and detailed knowledge of the bodies makeup and structure have been able to effect rapid and permanent relief. So if your back or other parts of your body are troubling you then why not visit London Thai Massage and let our experienced Wat Po Asian Thai massage therapists soothe your problems away.

Read more about different Asian Thai Massage therapies on London Thai Massage's dedicated pages. 

London Thai Massage - asian massage for pain relief

Are you a fan of Asian Oriental Massage ?

posted 1 Aug 2013, 05:44 by Ian Roberts   [ updated 24 Nov 2015, 12:43 ]

London Thai Massage - Wat Po Oriental Massage School
Are you a fan of Asia. Do you like oriental Asian men and women - does the idea of oriental massage or more specifically Thai massage get you all dreamy and dreaming of hot sultry oriental nights in say Thailand's steamy capital city Bangkok - the City of Angels. Well you don't need to get on a plane and fly over to Thailand to experience the luxury and benefits of Thai therapeutic massage anymore . Right here at London Thai Massage we have cute , gay and straight , female and ladyboy experienced Thai masseurs to suit everyone's tastes. So why not give us a call and come along to our luxuriant Thai massage premises right next to Tottenham Court Road tube station and experience Asian hospitality , the luxury and relaxing style that only oriental masseurs can bring , and start your Thai massage experience today.

Asian Thai massage dates back many hundreds of years back to the age of the Buddha and came from the Indian enlightenment where yoga and a deeper understanding of how the body works and the muscles , bone and tissues interact to form a whole. Our Asian Thai masseurs are all trained at the world renowned Wat Po Thai Massage School based in Bangkok and have learnt the ancient art of Thai massage with only the best teachers.

Here's a great little video about the Thai massage school - hope you enjoy.  Learn more about different Thai massage therapies and massage techniques on London Thai Massage's Massage Therapies page.

London Thai Massage - Wat Po Oriental Massage School

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