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There is a lot of current interest  in all aspects of Thai ladyboy history and culture. So to help understanding and greater acceptance of transgender Thai ladyboys we at London Thai Massage thought it would be useful to gather together some of the best resources and links from the web to Thai ladyboy information.

How good are you at identifying whether a Thai ladyboy is in fact a man. It is a well known fact that Thai ladyboys with their feminine looks - at this fun site you are invited to judge a number of photos of Thai 'women' - some of which are real women and some are transgendered Thai ladyboys and determine whether they are Thai ladyboys or are in fact actual Thai women. At the end of viewing 10 photos you will be given a score to determine how good you are.

One of the major carreer paths for some of the youngest and most beautiful Thai ladyboys is one of the ever popular Thai Ladyboy's Cabaret shows such as Tiffanys at Pattaya or the world famous Ladyboys of Bangkok who travel the world with their glamorous high energy Thai ladyboy show and are a staple every year at the Edinburgh festival.

It is also encouraging to know that increasing acceptance of Thai ladyboys within Thai culture has resulted in a ground-breaking initiative by the owner of the Thai Airline appropriately named PC Air to exclusively employ Thai ladyboys as flight attendants on his airline - their good lucks,impeccable attention to detail and service minded personalities should ensure that customers get the best possible service and come to know Thai ladyboys better.

Finally if you are in the UK's best seaside resort of Blackpool in the north of England be sure to check out the hilarious and glamorous ladyboy show at Funny Girl's - a good night out is guaranteed and you might even spot a Thai ladyboy or too amongst their international ladyboy troupe. There was a brilliant TV documentary where 6 butch builders went to Funny Girl's to see if they could become plausible ladyboys - for one night only !

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Happy Thai Ladyboy spotting !
London Thai Massage - thai ladyboys

Thai Ladyboy Links - click on the link to access the information

1. Top Tips to identify a Thai Ladyboy.
2. How to identify a Thai ladyboy - the Thai Ladyboy Test.
3. Thailand's Top 10 Thai Ladyboys of Instagram.
4. Gender identities in Thailand  - wiki background on Thai ladyboys.
5.  Thai Ladyboys take to the air as flight attendants with the Thai airline PC Air
6. Tiffany's Show in Pattaya Thailand is one of the world's most famous Thai Ladyboy cabarets - here is their website.
7. Not to be left behind the UK has a famous transgender ladyboy show in the popular seaside resort of Blackpool and last time I was there - there was at least one Thai ladyboy in the show - introducing Funny Girls !
8. Our very own London Thai Massage useful information about Thai ladyboys.
London Thai Massage - thai ladyboys

London Thai Massage - Thai ladyboy show