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Ladyboys in the Philippines

London Thai Massage - asian oriental ladyboys in the Philippines

Ladyboys around the World - Ladyboys in the Philippines

Here at London Thai Massage we have written extensively and sensitively about the phenomenon that is Thai ladyboys - the gay Thai third gender that is world famous for their beauty, and femininity - but what about Ladyboys from other countries. Here at London Thai massage I thought it would be useful to provide a bit more insight into the fascinating third gender. A country that is less well known for it's extensive gay ladyboys than Thailand but nevertheless has many gay ladyboys in what is for the most part a similarly accepting and vibrant culture is the Philippines.

Gay Ladyboys in the Philippines

Even when geographically very close, Philippines is really a different country from Thailand. First, it's a country which is predominantly Roman Catholic rather than 96% Buddhist as is Thailand. It is well known that Roman Catholicism is very conservative on all matters of sexuality and so it is fair to say the religion doesn't readily accept transsexuals in particular or open gay lifestyles in general. However, this has not been an obstacle for gay Filipino ladyboys to pursue their objective of living a transgendered life. And being unrecognised officially whilst practising their religion doesn't even stop them from going to church being a Catholic and practising most aspects of their Christian faith.

For example, many Filipino ladyboys will go to their church weekly. Ladyboys within the Philippines aren't as free as their gay ladyboy counterparts in Thailand which isn't to say that they're prohibited or that being a ladyboy is illegal, it’s that gay ladyboys are not as widespread or as visible as ladyboys are in Thailand. Although you can observe ladyboys within the Philippines walking on the street, within the shopping malls and in many different kinds of bar, this really is still a lot less than is the case with Thailand.

But Filipino ladyboys are extremely passable as women more often than not you are not able to hardly tell if they're ladyboys or otherwise. Filipino ladyboys are naturally petite and incredibly attractive, and due to many years of different migrant  influxes from around the world and particularly the USA, they may happen to look less Asian than their Thai siblings, and in addition they speak usually excellent English language. They might not be fluent as a native English speaker  but as a minimum most gay Filipino ladyboys are excellent speakers of the English language is it is an important part of the school curriculum. formally .The Filipino term for ladyboys you need to know is: bakla (in tagalog, which is the official language of the nation).

So again we find a world which in the most part has a rich rainbow tapestry of diverse gay lifestyles and one in which the gay Asian ladyboy is a small but important part.

London Thai Massage - asian oriental gay ladyboys in the Philippines