London Thai Massage - Thai Foot Massage Techniques

What is Thai Foot Massage ?

Thai foot massage  can be a very health delivering and balancing massage for the feet and legs.. Thai Foot Massage has continued to be undertaken for more than 2000 years in Korea, India, Japan, China and all over South East Asia. It remains practiced and trained by Thai Buddhist monks in their temples. Thai foot massage uses a similar concepts such as reflexology - applied pressure on certain foot points to excite the organs, encouraging the mind and body to balance more harmoniously in addition to initiating the body's  innate healing mechanisms. However, your thai foot masseur will also uses a specifically designed massage stick in addition to her hands.

 What are the health benefits of  Thai Foot Massage ?

 Even though the focus of a Thai foot massage is obviously for  your feet this can be a great total body treatment.  Thai foot massage works well in balancing your entire body, reducing stress in your brain and delivering saved energy in abundance. Together with enhancing the versatility of the ankles and feet, thai foot massage will help to reduce stiffness inside your muscles and joints. Your circulation of both your bloodstream and lymphatic fluid is going to be enhanced as well as your bodies defence mechanisms increased in addition to encouraging the removal of harmful toxins out of your body. Thai foot massage is an excellent stress reliever, and may improve your sleep if a person suffers with insomnia by assisting in reducing brain stress and thus supporting a healthy and therefore happy mind.

 What happens during a Thai Foot Massage ?

You'll be come to our massage treatment room or we will visit your hotel and will make sure you will be easily lying down on the chair that's been particularly created for feet remedies. You'll be asked to get rid of your socks and footwear as well as your thai foot massage therapist will need use of your legs as much as about 10cm above your knee.

Your thai foot masseur will begin by bundling your feet up with a warm towel and then handling each of your feet consequently they will  massage each of your feet to make sure the Thai foot massage achieves the desired result..

 Throughout your Thai foot massage your Thai foot masseur uses a distinctive number of massage techniques including moving, firm pressure point manipulation and stretching of the important muscles inside your feet. Your legs will also be rubbed up towards your knee following holistic 'chi' energy lines. It is quite difficult to explain what using a stick involves during a Thai foot massage but once you've experienced it you will understand why. Be reassured it does not seem like someone is prodding you unskilfully! The massage movements that the thai foot masseur can perform with the massage stick are extremely skilled and wouldn't be completed to exactly the same amount of effectiveness with the hands or fingers alone.

 Is Thai Foot Massage suitable for me ?


The application of Thai foot massage is generally very firm in pressure, so if you need a more docile treatment or are afflicted by weak bones disease we'd suggest not using thai foot massage.  Nevertheless Thai foot massages are deeply relaxing and paradoxically will leave you feeling fully revitalised later on.

 Thai foot massage can help anybody for almost all health complaints, problems and ailments. Although there's no medical reason not have our wonderful Thai foot massage , please tell your thai foot masseur if you're pregnant, diabetic, addicted to  alcohol or drugs, have heart problems and have been lately been struggling with cancer.

 So now you know all about Thai foot massage there's no excuse for not contacting London Thai Massage today and come and experience London's best in call and outcall Thai massage service. 

Thai Foot Massage Techinques