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London Thai Massage Therapies

                             At London Thai Massage we specialise in a wide number of different massage therapy styles these include ;

Why have a Traditional Thai Massage ?

The  massage recipient will usually undress and change into loose, comfortable clothes and then lies on a firm mattress on the ground or raised couch. Thai massage rooms range from a sole occupant private room right up to as many as twelve massage customers within the same large room. The receiver of the  massage will be subjected to a number of yoga-like positions throughout the path of the massage therapy, but deep static and rhythmic hand movements of the masseur and sometimes foot massage movements will make up the core of the Thai massage experience.

The masseur massages around the recipient's body using their hands in most cases with straight over arms locked in the elbow and using firm rhythmic pressure applied to the client's body areas. Asian massage generally follows the chi-lines on our bodies - which is somewhat similar to meridians or channels and Indian nadis. Legs and feet from the masseur may be used to fixate and stimulate the body of the recipient.

In other positions, hands fixate the body being massaged , and the feet may also perform the rubbing massage action. A complete Thai massage session typically lasts up to two hours or even more, and includes rhythmic pressing and stretching from the masseur which might include tugging fingers, toes, ears, cracking the knuckles, walking around the recipient's back, and arching the recipient into various complicated traditional Thai yogic postures. There's a typical procedure and rhythm towards the massage that the masseur will adapt to fit every individual client.

The real practice of the skill of healing in traditional Thai massage may be the compassionate intent from the healing properties of the therapist. As Thailand is a Buddhist nation with nearly 96% of the population being Buddhist Thai yogic massage encompassed Buddhist spiritual practices connected with Thai massage which are to  cultivate humbleness, awareness, and concentration within the masseur and can result in a much deeper degree of understanding from the masseur and also their client. This compassionate condition is called "metta", which translates from the Pali  as meaning "loving kindness".

Why have an aromatherapy oil massage ?

Aromatherapy oil massage therapy uses natural and very pleasant smelling essential massage oils and is a complementary healing therapy which treats the entire whole of a person, the mind, body and spirit, and not just the particular symptoms that the patient may have. This holistic and balanced approach to massage therapy means it is one of the most popular massage therapies given by London Thai Massage and is done over the whole of your body in a rhythmic soothing manner to bring some of the deepest and soothing massage possible.

 Aromatherapy Essential Oil Massage can benefit you by ;

  •    improving your  blood circulation
  •    increasing  lymphatic flow  helping to detox your body
  •    relaxes muscles, which can help reduce tension and pain
  •    stimulating and re-vitalising your nervous system
  •    improving your overall digestion
  •    has a wonderful and deep stimulating effect on your skin
  •    leads to a wonderful sense of well-being
  •     essential oils used in aromatherapy massage stimulate,calm body and mind

The aromatherapy oil massage technique used at London Thai Massage leads to a gentle, healing, touch which promotes your emotional as well as physical health.

Thai Foot Massage can benefit you by ; 

Read more about wonderful Thai foot massage here.

Other popular massage therapy styles that are undertaken by Vivien and her team of experienced and beautiful female Thai massage therapists at London Thai Massage includes ; 
  • Thai Foot Massage
  • Deep Tissue Swedish Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Thai Reflexology Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Home and Hotel Visits

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